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  • Karlheinz Sittlinger : Can anyone help me, my TV Box TVB-100 ask me to install a new version, since the tv shows only not supported
  • Duncan McLeod : Our next show, TalkCentral, will be recorded live at 1pm on Monday, 10 December.
  • guest_6894 : How do i download the software on a AIM TV
  • guest_6732 : how do I watch glow on my pc?
  • Duncan McLeod : Sunday's TalkCentral is available here:
  • Duncan McLeod : We're just trying to resolve an audio issue. We will hopefully be live in the next 10 minutes...
  • guest_4706 : but when I try to register, it shows that there is already a id with my account but I did not register
  • guest_4706 : I have downloaded the dstv now app
  • minakshi fulekar : i love your site
  • Duncan McLeod : We'll be live at around 1.30pm today (Sunday)
  • Duncan McLeod : We're going live shortly. Remember, you can WhatsApp the show on 0719991111...
  • TechCentral : Our streaming issues are resolved. We will return with TalkCentral on Sunday at 1pm.
  • jasweb : No live show today?
  • TechCentral : We'll be back next weekend with a bumper show that unpacks Apple's big keynote...
  • TechCentral : Because of the ITU conference in Durban, there will be no TalkCentral this weekend.
  • guest_2158 : Why does the TVB-100 remote when using the left or right arrow change the TV from HDMI-1 to channel 1
  • Khashane : Hello. Duncan are you there?
  • Bob : Hello
  • Duncan McLeod : test6
  • Duncan McLeod : test5
  • Duncan McLeod : test4
  • Duncan McLeod : test3
  • Duncan McLeod : test2
  • Duncan McLeod : test1
  • Duncan McLeod : Send us a WhatsApp voice note to included in our live shows: 0719991111
  • Evette : This sounds great!
  • Duncan McLeod : Hello world!
  • guest_1589 : test
  • The Admin : High five! You’ve successfully installed Simple Ajax Chat.

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